Fluid Groups

A fluid-group is a group of entities that come together for period of time to deliberate. These groups are more like projects than traditional political parties or companies.

They appear when a discussion seems relevant to the participants. They emerge out of spontaneous discussions, and they disappear when they are no longer needed.

Fluid Groups are technically and openly defined using a simple but precise constitutional mechanism that we call Liquid Law.

Avoiding Ossification

The aim is to avoid to the extent that this is possible, the ossification of quality debate that takes place as groups begin to develop fixed vocabularies and compete with each other for attention and indeed political survival.

Promoting Collaborative Deliberation

On the other hand the other hand the aim is to facilitate high quality group debate, between entities of different expertise and experience. It is not possible to get an understanding of complex real-word problems based on any individuals experience or knowledge, and therefore we need a mechanism for grous of people to debate and exchange knowledge over extended periods of time.

Liquid Law is a Domain Specific Legal Language, that enables the easy and flexible creation of the Terms of Reference of a legally defined entity to participate in the political process.