GlobalNet 21 is a leading UK platform for discussing the major issues of the 21st Century, where we share a common concern for the sustainability of both our planet and the people on it -

With over 30,000 members in the UK and abroad, we are making the debate, and democracy, more accessible by enlarging the Public Square and using social networks.

YOUTUBE BoUWe-8k33s In this webinar Emma Mulqueeny discusses how the digital age of democracy crosses borders and barriers opening up new possibilities of citizen engagement, community collaboration as well as cross national action and governance. She looks especially how it impacts on those born since 1997 and who grew up totally within the digital age.

We hold events several times a week to create and expand engagement in the public square between citizens as well as corporations, government and NGOs.

This includes regular well attended public meetings withleading experts in their field, political, business and community leaders. We also use social media to enhance democratic discussion with online discussion and meetings (webinars) that involve a global audience.

The network is a place for people to learn about and engage with the issues of the day, meet others with similar passions or discover new ones. Once connected, many people get together to talk further and decide on further action.

We believe in, and indeed learn from the diversity of opinions, and that is what makes interesting debates, but we do expect members to debate in a respectful manner at all times and abuse to other members will not be tolerated.