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Welcome to this Federated Wiki site. The purpose of this site is to discuss and document the idea and practice of Liquid Democracy. Follow Recent Changes to see what I am Currently Working On:

It is a personal site, where I document my thoughts and experiences on the subject. There are now many different philosophies, and Software Implementations, and we extend an open invitation to people interested in this area to Claim your own Federated Wiki Space, and Join in on the Discussion.

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Liquid Democracy is a marriage between Direct Democracy, and Representative Democracy. It aims to create a more flexible and fluid way for people to express their Democratic Preference.

The ways we are able to express our ideas and political beliefs in a political process are currently very limited. Placing a cross on a piece of paper once ever 4 years is hardly the most expressive form of communication.

My name is David Bovill, and I'm a long term advocator and experimenter with Liquid Democracy. My nickname (and handle on twitter) is @fortyfoxes .

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