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Welcome to this Federated Wiki site. The purpose of this site is to discuss and document the idea and practice of Liquid Democracy.

YOUTUBE tsz7MjMJ5J8 The way power flows in the world is very similar to how water flows in the Birmingham canals, not very much. Join Sunny Sangha on a poetic journey as he experiments with liquid democracy and how it might transform cities.

This is a collaborative project. We invite you to join us in writing, researching, and developing software for liquid democracy, or indeed other forms of democratic innovation.

We begin with writing. This site is part of a federation of sites, participating in a shared dialogue. Liquid democracy requires new forms of dialogue, which in turn require new tools. Read more or drop in to our weekly chat if you would like to get involved.

YOUTUBE nBxauY1f36A Liquid Democracy - democracy.earth

It is a personal opinionated site, where I document my thoughts and experiences on the subject. There are now many different philosophies, and Software Implementations, and we extend an open invitation to people interested in this area to claim your own Federated Wiki Space, and get involved.

YOUTUBE NXfYNdapq3Q Pia Mancini: How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era


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